Why It’s Time to Move on From Bill Cosby

This post may not be very timely any more, but it is something I’ve had on my mind and have been following for a few months now.

If you haven’t heard, here’s a quick recap…nearly 30 women over the past few decades have come forward claiming Bill Cosby has sexually assaulted them in some way.

Granted, some may want to say innocent until proven guilty, but come on…nearly 30 women with no common link to each other. Why would this many people get together to finally speak up. In years passed these women would have been ignored due to the times. Now we seem to realize that maybe we should take a closer look at things.

Separating the Man from the Art

I grew up loving the Cosby Show and I’ve always liked observational humor.

These are both things that have helped shaped me…helped me decide how to be a father to my kids and even share my own observations…whether funny or not.

But is it possible to seperate the man from the art…i think it is. Bill Cosby is NOT Cliff Huxtable. Cliff Huxtable is the type of father a lot of us dads would like to aspire to, but if you’ve seen some interviews, whether early or late, you’ll notice that maybe Bill Cosby isn’t really the person you would want to aspire to. I’ve seen a few qualities that really don’t interest me.

I think we all have an idea of what kind of parent or even person we would like to be and the best we can do is work towards that.

I’ve decided to move on from the Cosby Show, Bill Cosby or anything else he’s attached to and just focus on the qualities I want to develop and build the person I want to be to my kids, family and friends.

Why I’m Content with Renting

We’ve been in our new place for about 18 days now and I have to say…I’m quite content with just renting right now.

I don’t have to do any maintenance, replace anything, remodeling…nothing. No expenses out of my pocket except for the cost of rent and utilities. Someone else gets the headache if something isn’t working.

Maybe it has to do with switching careers and focusing on building my trading career or maybe it’s the fact that we have three young kids and that’s enough for now. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I’m content…I really am.

What I Don’t Miss About Owning a Home

The remodeling…that’s the biggest thing I don’t miss. I don’t miss having to remodel a home, make repairs or something dies on me and I have to replace it…I don’t miss that at all.

Now granted, my first couple of homes were properties I purposely bought to fix up and remodel, but I really don’t miss that right now. It could be a combination of how the market was at that time and having some bad experiences with contractors, but I’m quite content with our current living situation.

What I Love About this Home/Area

My wife is very good at making a house feel like a home and I think that’s a big reason I’m so content right now.

It also helps that the area we’re in seems to be very family friendly…I’m constantly seeing kids running around of all ages. We have a walking trail off our backyard, a park and a backstop (area for baseball), a creek, quiet and to my surprise my kids have taken the initiative to get to know the neighbor kids.

Yes…I’m quite content right now.

Why You Shouldn’t Rent a Home from Twin Cities Management

We rented a home from Twin Cities Management and I’m sure some things fall on the owner, but some things also fall on the management company.

In March 2012 we rented a home in Apple Valley and just picked something real quick because we were in a bit of a time crunch.

There were several things left behind from the previous tenant and some items that needed to be fixed before we moved in. Those items were never taken care of and I had to ask every week when they would be taken care for nearly a month. It was obvious to me they had more than enough time to remedy these items before we moved in, but chose not to.

One of the biggest issues was the basement. Apparently there was mold growing on the laundry room wall and the only reason I was able to figure that out was when I asked someone. This was a brick wall and I’ve never seen mold grow on a brick wall, but apparently it’s possible.

What I don’t understand is why the management company didn’t catch this. Don’t they inspect their properties? Apparently not.

There were also a handful of other little items here and there. Handles missing from windows, no screens, closet doors installed upside down and unfinished wood, a toilet that couldn’t flush or ran, missing piece of awning in the roof, branches hanging from trees, graffiti on the exterior garage wall as examples. Missing light bulbs. Zero efforts to make a property ready before someone rents it.

The drive way was also a major concern since nearly a fourth of it had deteriorated and was begging to get worse and created a valley at the end of the drive. Anyone walking or riding a bike down the sidewalk would avoid it so that they wouldn’t trip.

We asked countless times if this was something that would be repaired or even patched, but nothing happened.

Another task that was never done, but supposedly would be is landscaping. Plantings were never planted and instead the perimeter of the house looked like a desert.

There was also a leaking outside faucet I pointed out, but was never repaired, which left a constant large wet spot on the ground and up part of the wall. The other repair never made was a roof that started to leak. The water spots remained with no attempt to repair.

We cleaned the carpets ourselves, but had limited success due to the age of the carpets. I was told we may be able to get them clean, but the stains may not come out since the carpets were pretty worn.

I’ve worked for Property Management companies before and we ALWAYS performed inspections because tenants aren’t always real good about pointing out maintenance. We also had preventative maintenance plans in place. If Twin Cities Management had the same plans in place they would have caught the mold and it wouldn’t have ever been an issue.

Apparently when you rent a home with an “As Is” clause I think it’s buyer beware, because who knows what you’re going to get or even if they’ll fix anything.

One more item I confronted them on is the humidifier, which is a common piece of equipment with any furnace. They claimed there wasn’t one. Turns out there is one and I even sent them a photo of it. When the new furnace was put in long before we rented the place the existing humidifier was never repaired and hooked up to the new furnace, which would explain why it was so dry in the house, which resulted in soar throats and bloody noses.

One of the excuses I would hear from maintenance, “I’m not even sure how to go about that”, when it was a branch hanging from a tree. Really? You don’t know that you can get a ladder and saw or tree trimmer and just cut the thing down before it falls on someone’s head?

Communication was another issue. You would submit a maintenance request and you would be lucky if you ever heard anything. You didn’t know if it would actually be fixed because they didn’t respond. For a time I would just keep resubmitting, but they never got the hint. Instead I decided it was better to just sit here for the term of our lease and renting something else later.

Near the end of our lease we were told the lease would not be renewed since the owner had passed away the estate would be settled. I find it very odd the kids of the owner would not let us out of the lease early to move into another home. I don’t know if it was the owners or management telling half-truths. We also found out during the move out inspection that one of the kids of the owner was moving in to the home, which contradicted management’s claim of another renter.

What is the DISC Profile Test

One of things I thought I would do in my job search is take the DISC Profile Test.

A DISC Profile test basically helps you determine what careers might be the best fit based on your personality. The DISC Profile is broken up into four pieces.

  • Dominance – Person places emphasis on accomplishing results, the bottom line, confidence
  • Influence – Person places emphasis on influencing or persuading others, openness, relationship
  • Steadiness – Person places emphasis on cooperation, sincerity, dependability
  • Conscientiousness – Person places emphasis on quality and accuracy, expertise, competency.

The test I like to use is on Tony Robbins‘ website.

 My DISC Results

disc profileI scored really high for S and C, which basically means I’m highly introverted. (Now lets not just assume that because I’m introverted I don’t like to leave the house, etc)

Tony Robbins also has a Values Index Test, which said I placed Economic and Individualistic Values over Theoretical, Aesthetic, Regulatory, Political and Altruistic.

The Value Index helps determine your motivators and drivers, which also helps in choosing the right career.

Both of these tests will help you determine what area you should start looking if you’re in the same position I was in.

My Results

My best matches for careers were

careers for disc profileC – Style

  • Accounting/Auditing
  • Engineering
  • Research/Development
  • Quality Assurance/Safety
  • Architecture
  • Computer Programming

S – Style

  • Finance/Economics
  • Human Resources
  • Administration/Support Services
  • Retail – Customer Service
  • Manufacturing

As you can see sales was not one of them and if you take a quick look at the DISC results you’ll see I scored the lowest in that category.

I do think sales can be learned, but sometimes you do hit a ceiling with certain skills, which means you may have to ask yourself, “can I take this further? am I satisfied with this? or should I consider another career?”

Regardless of what your answers were to those questions I would say your success will be the result of passion and talent.

Why I Changed My Career Path

career changeFor some any job will do while others, like myself, want something more. Something that’s challenging, something that pushes one to want to be the best, something to look forward to each day, week, month, etc. Something that can not be expressed with words, but only with a sense of pride or satisfaction. Something that isn’t tangible, but is felt in your heart. And to get to that destination I think is a combination of talent and passion that helps someone achieve their goal.

Sometimes it takes several turns to get there, but if you’re persistant and listen with your heart you will get there…it just takes time. Maybe more time than you would like it to take, but it does happen and in the end when the dust settles and you look back you realize all of that struggle, dues paid and anguish don’t matter any more because you’re here…you’re where you want to be and now you can enjoy your reward.

About Six Months Ago

minnesota realtorsLast October (2014) I decided to throw in the towel as a Realtor and a lot of it had to do with the interactions I had with prospective and current clients. Part of it was burnout, but a big part of it had to do with how I was treated. I was tired of how consumers would react when I would call to see what their plans were for buying/selling a home and tired of how clients would sometimes turn on me because they couldn’t handle the stress of buying/selling a home.

Initially I thought maybe there was something I needed to work on and started reading articles, going to seminars and paying for subscriptions to educational material…anything that I thought might help me do a better job, but in the end it wasn’t that I needed to improve it was that this job…this role of Realtor just wasn’t the right fit for me.

And that can be a tough pill to swallow when you’ve put in so much time, energy and money into something you want to be a success at. But somewhere along the line you do have to take stock in the situation and ask yourself, “is this really the right fit for me?”

For me, it wasn’t. It was time to move on and I can remember exactly what I was doing that day and the interaction I had with someone that helped me finally decide it was time to close the chapter.

What I’m Doing Now

currency tradingI still have an interest in Real Estate, but as an Investor, which has always been a better fit than being someone’s Realtor. But investing in Real Estate will be taking a back seat while I work on my career as a Currency Trader and then eventually building out my Trading Career to include other securities as well.

In the mean time I hope you come back for another visit because I still have a few things to say about the past six months.